A Glimpse Of The Azusa Building

The Azusa Building, which spanned half of the western side of Broadway from Montrose northwards, sometime in the late 1950s. (UHS archives)

One thought on “A Glimpse Of The Azusa Building

  1. Another Architectural historian that moved into the area was C (Bill) Westfall; 1977. Bill was a professor at the U of I Circle campus. He was vice president of the Pattington Association and helped with its renter lead conversion to condominium form of ownership and later prepared the National Register application that got the Bittersweet and Pattington buildings on the National Register of Historic places (1980). The Bittersweet building was designed by Andrew Sandegren and the Pattington was designed by Thomas Postel. For more information go to:
    http://www.the-pattington.com/ Since 1978 the Owners at the Pattington Condo Association have worked diligently to retain the historic features of the buildings and campus.


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